• How we work

    FOCUS Military Ministry works on training bases in the ADF leading voluntary, on-base bible discussions, small groups and social activities. By presenting Christ to trainees we assist in the development of trainees values and beliefs and the foundation of their character for service to the nation through their roles in the ADF. We aim to give every person joining the ADF the opportunity to know Jesus Christ. This means that we want to be visible, accessible and encouraging to all trainees regardless of beliefs or persuasion. We work to ensure all our interactions with trainees proclaim Christ as he is presented in the Scriptures. We do this through several activities.

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    FOCUS Nights

    Our weekly gathering

    We run FOCUS nights usually weekly where we work through Scripture and proclaim the gospel. These nights are open to all people. We pray together, enjoy friendship and encourage each other.

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    Bible Studies

    Big lessons in small groups

    In disussion groups we will open the Bible and talk through the meaning and implications for each of us. This is where people can ask more questions and wrestle with what it means to follow Jesus as Lord and Saviour.

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    1-1 mentoring

    Targeted growth and care

    Staff and volunteers will meet regularly with trainees to support them personally in their growth as a Military Christian. In these catch ups we will discuss and pray through specific challenges, hopes and goals.


    The Bible, as originally given, is the God-breathed and infallible word of God. This precious, life-giving word is sufficient for our knowledge of God and the supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct.



    FOCUS Military Ministry Statement of Beliefs