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    Australian Defence Force Academy

    The Australian Defence Force Academy is located in Canberra. Around 1000 Trainee Officers study university degrees and military studies before graduating to serve as leaders in the ADF. The FOCUS Military group at ADFA meets weekly for a main meeting on Tuesday evening and runs small group discussions covering leading bible studies, books of the bible and sharing faith. We have around 50 students engaged each year. James Leitch, Merryn Willliams and Megan Errington lead at ADFA. You can text or call James on 0413 088 975.


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    Army Logistics Training Centre

    The Army Logistics Training Centre has around 3000 trainees at any one point in time. Trainees may spend a few weeks to a few years here and almost half of the Australian Army (as well as some of the Airforce and Navy) will undertake training here. The FOCUS Military group is led by Pete Ritchie and Neil Auranaune and meets regularly at 1830-2000h on Wednesday nights on in the Everymans Centre at Latchford Barracks. You can text or call Pete on 0422 798 288.


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    HMAS Cerberus

    The Navy's recruit and trade training occurs at HMAS Cerberus. The FOCUS Military ministry at Cerberus is led by a volunteer leader, LEUT Ryan Latty who runs small group discussions and a chapel service.The FOCUS Group meets at 1900h at Club Cerberus. You can text or call Ryan on 0401 630 776.


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    RAAF East Sale

    RAAF East Sale is home of the ADF's Air Academy where Aircrew, Air Traffic Controllers and Air Battle Managers are trained. FOCUS Military Ministry is launching a group here lead by Adam Nickson. The group will meet at the Base Chapel on Thursdays from 1900-2000h starting from 9 June 2022. You can text or call Adam on 0472 600 128.


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