• Joining the Australian Defence Force 

    Joining the military is an exciting time. We are excited with you! Our hope is that if you are already a believer you might use this opportunity to deepen your commitment to Christ.

    If you aren't a Christian we'd love to give you the opportunity to know to the Lord Jesus.

  • Where are you in the process?


    Still considering

    The first step involves making a decision to apply. The ADF Careers website provides lots of resources to explore the options available to you.



    I've applied

    It's great that you've made it this far. The process can be long and complicated and it is normal to experience frustrations and setbacks. Unfortunately not everyone is given a chance to serve in the military.


    I've been offered a position

    At this stage it starts to feel very real. You will be getting a clearer picture of what your military training will involve. If you haven't already, this is a great time to get in touch with us.


    I'm already in

    It's not too late to get in touch with us. We operate ministries at a number of training bases around Australia and have connections with other Christian ministries that can support you in your career.

  • Please call me

    Give us your name, contact details and a little bit of your story about joining the military and we will be in touch soon.